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 Level 115 and 130 gear

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Level 115 and 130 gear Empty
PostSubject: Level 115 and 130 gear   Level 115 and 130 gear EmptySat Mar 07, 2015 9:33 pm

Hello, fellow ESL members, in the following guide i'll do my best to explain how to obtain level 115 and 130 gear, and what you will need for that purpose.

Level 115 gear

I'll only talk about level 115 Dragon Lord gear because Genesis gear is harder to get and it isn't worth it because you probably will reach 130 very fast

To get level 115 DL gear, you will need before level 100 DL gear.

It is preferably if you have the gear resonated, otherwise you will need more talismans.

You can buy talismans at Pumpkin Farmer (20, -132 Pokari)

Level 115 and 130 gear RiDpBqp

Requeriments of talismans:
+6 Imbue
Talisman of Awakening I x2
Talisman of Awakening II x4
Talisman of Awakening III X6


Talisman of Awakening I x1
Talisman of Awakening II x2 (x1 if you resonated it)
Talisman of Awakening III x3 (x1 if resonated)

After having all the talismans go to the Ancestral Forge (-134, -10 Pokari)

Level 115 and 130 gear LbzftYq

And click Gear Exchange, you will see this interface:

Level 115 and 130 gear 5aNbf2D

Put the gear and then the Talisman I at aux 1, Talisman II at aux 2, Talisman III at aux 3 and you are done.

Level 130 gear

The one and only material you will need to make level 130 gear is Source Tree Leafnode

Level 115 and 130 gear ZCEOmYO

There are only 2 ways of getting them, the first is farming at Future Finale where all the mobs drop it (read my farming spots guide) and the second way is buying it from players, the price range is 2g - 3g but i have seen people selling them for 4g.
You will need 13000 Source Tree Leafnodes for each piece of gear and 15000 for weapon, 54000 Source Tree Leafnodes in total.

After you get the leafnodes go to the Master of Arms (-183,15 Pokari)
and pick the pieces according to your character class and genre.

Level 115 and 130 gear KXkArTB

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Level 115 and 130 gear
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