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 Enhancing Gear

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There are many ways to enhance your gear in this game, and i'll try to cover most of them in this guide.
Also, our server has special shops that makes enhancing gear easier if you have enough gold.

Imbue increases the attributes of an item depending of what the item indicates, in case of the gears it may be health or defense and resistance.

For imbuing you require an ethrelic depending of the item
Ethrelic= All the common gear
Godly Ethrelic= Diplomatic gear
Astral Ethrelic= Diplomatic Resonance gear
Condensed Ethrelic= Astral gear
Ethrelic of dragon blood= Dragon slayer and Dragon lord gear
Essence of geminis= Genesis and awakened gear

Now once you have the required ethrelic go to the nearest blacksmith and click Gems Imbue or Gold Imbue depending of your preference.
You will see this interface

Enhancing Gear DXI0Na3

Click start and it will try to imbue once, there are 2 results after doing this, failing or success, it CANT break.
Also you can use the "Stop at" option to leave it imbuing until a certain level.
After +5 or +6 the odds of success become very low so you can use SoP (Stone of Peace) to bring it to +9.
You can buy them at Hydraulic Engineer (66, -74 Pokari)

Enhancing Gear 43BQX25

To use the SoPs just put them in the aux box in the imbue interface. The total cost for all the 6 SoPs is 4400 gold.


You can embed a certain jade to a certain gear piece for X amount of times according to the X maximum times a item can be embed
to make it clearer, the item says "Can be embed X amount of times" this limit can be raised with Void Stones, you can buy the Void Stones at Cloud Creek in pokari middle, also you will need Hand Drills, that drops from monsters.

Enhancing Gear CltBkE7

You can combine two of them to make a better void stone that guarantees 100% socket increase for items of 4 sockets or below, if you keep combining them  at the forge you will get a better void stone.
To socket the item go to the blacksmith and click Socket Gear.

Now that you can embed your item you need a jade, and to apply it to a gear use the same interface of the imbuing, there are many jades but the most popular jades are the affinity jades, a server-custom jade that increases an affinity of your choice upon embedding to a gear. they can be bought in the Tools shop at the Blacksmith.

Enhancing Gear CzQ5sqd


A skillstone is an item that when infused to a gear increases a certain stat for x . player level + 10. Example:

Enhancing Gear BcqJo5n

The skillstone system is quite simple, to infuse it to your gear you use the same option than imbuing and embedding at blacksmith and that's it.
To increase the level of a skillstone you need x5 infuse stones of the current level at the forge.
Note: The success rate of skillstone melding isn't 100%, you need a Rainbow Stone to increase this probability.

Enhancing Gear Ntyhu6p


Resonating makes your gear stronger and gives additional stats when you resonate a full set and use all the parts together.
The gear has to be +6 for resonating it. Lower level gear requires less imbue level.
To resonate a gear you need x2 element scrolls for each piece of gear, these scrolls can be bought at Cloud Creek middle pokari.

Enhancing Gear NGdLccc

Use a scroll according to the affinity of your class.

To forge the gear put one piece of the set at the forge together with 2 scrolls. If it fails it will break, to decrease the probability of break you can use Ancestral Crystal to increase the success rate for 20% or Elements Charm for 100% success rate guaranted. Hydraulic Engineer (66, -74 Pokari) sells Ancestral Crystal and Pumpkin Farmer (20, -132 Pokari) sells Elements Charm.


Etching a gear is as simple as dragging a glyph to your gear, but certain level glyphs require a certain imbue level. Etching has only 5% probability of success, if it success it will say "Flawless Etching" otherwise if it fails you will see in the glyph bonus "Glyph bonus dormant" Gear wont break when etching.
But it may break when removing a glyph, to remove a glyph you require
Lightbender Stone x5
Glyph Sealx5
Glyph Seal (I-III) for Glyph I- Glyph III
Glyph Seal (III-VI) for Glyph IV- Glyph VI
Glyph Seal (VII-VIII) for Glyph VII-Glyph VIII

To purge it go to Character or press C then click Purge Glyph, and put all the items there.

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Enhancing Gear
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