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 New player's questions

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PostSubject: New player's questions   New player's questions EmptyWed Apr 08, 2015 5:21 am

Hi, everyone! Well i didn't find the answers for my questions on this forum so i decided to create a topic.
I'm trying to summarize the information about the gear and dungeons available.
Well from the original i know about dragon lord, genesis, awakened gear.
Are there two versions of awakened gear? For level 130 and for level 140? What is that level 150 hp gear i found in pokari?
Plus lvl100 donator's gear? Any other high level gear that i have skipped?(i already know about the rings).
What about the dungeons? Could somebody provide a list of them with level req and ~level of gear neeeded for them and what can be found in that dungeon?
lw/dlw/lfc/d11 i already know
What about the bosses? Any interesting bosses added that people fight with?
Thanks to anyone who will answer
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New player's questions
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