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 New to Private Server Games

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PostSubject: New to Private Server Games   Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:13 am

Just thought Id make a post and tell a sad sap story of my Ether Saga experience. And also hope that some of the GMs read this and answer a few of my questions. My story starts about a year after Beta of ESO and I was really excited about the game because of the animations and graphics were just so beautiful. I loved the gameplay of Eden Eternal, but the color scheme and graphics were rather dated, plus the pvp was laughable imbalanced and the rogue class, although great for pve, was rather underwhelming in that by end game, they were few and far in between for good reason.

I chose the rogue class in ether which apparently was my first mistake because at the time I guess there were loads of issues with that class. But cloak and dagger stuff is my niche. I CAN tank, or deal mean damage with bow or shaman but eventually.. I just get board of winning. lol. More over the pve. I choose to be the underdog class because the appeal of totally soloing serious baddies is AWESOME. After level 30 which I thought was pretty weird after a day or too of casual play. I started buying stuff via item mall because well, I love looking like a ninja. >.> its a ancestor thing i think lol. I must have paid over 60 US from head to toe costume with pet and flying mount just cause it was a lotus and i LOVE to fly in beautiful games. Unfortunately by level 45, I started to notice things I didn't before.

((BTW Since PWI owns ESO wouldn't that mean my info, character and his items are still on my account?))

Creatures caught me while in stealth, other players totally owned me in duels no matter how I altered my strat. And worst of all, there was little to no in game help on how to properly stat my character. By default I chose to put points in agility, spd and crit I believe. But I died so often in so many ridiculous ways I literally made a hunter character just to calm down and play casually. And of course I kept getting board and just lost interest. So I ping ponged back and forth from main to alt until about level 65 when I got so fed up of respecting, crunching numbers and having my butt handed to me by cute pve monsters that I just quit. I really wanted this class to give me something to work with but it seemed like a pay to win class.

So my question for GMs is this, are rogues still as horrid as I remember or have they been fixed? Or is there at least a proper guide? OH and well. ^////^ I REALLY like my characters ninja costume. Do you have that Shinobi suit?
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PostSubject: Re: New to Private Server Games   Sun May 03, 2015 3:20 am

Seem to be a rather dead forum.
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PostSubject: Re: New to Private Server Games   Thu Jun 04, 2015 1:38 pm

Feisty here im a in game lvl 120 magus. Rouges are very usefull im thinking of making one myself. But everyone is pretty equal in this server so its a who ever knows there class best wings type of pvp cause both sides can win beside if you me a magus trying to do a warlord then you loose lol but you should still come and play its fun and we got our legendary mom and dad Cybill and OdiosO our primary GM and owners of this server
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PostSubject: Re: New to Private Server Games   

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New to Private Server Games
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