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 Power's Event

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PostSubject: Power's Event   Power's Event EmptyWed Mar 18, 2015 11:12 pm

Hey everyone its your fellow ESL player Power. On April 11,2015 the last sunday of this month i will be hosting a invent in which i hope many people could join. My prizes can only be what i can afford to give and what i have to give. There will be 3 events i will be hosting so lets see who can get what Very Happy Also NO ALTS if i know your using a alt then you will be disqualified (d/q) automatically. YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP please comment below which event you are going to be in and IGN thank you. Deadline for sign ups April 10,2015

Event 1 PVP battle
This will be outside Pokari and in TW realm server time: 8:00pm
In this even there will be people pvping and only get 1 life. Once you die stay on the ground so we know you are dead and if you dont you get d/q. Last person standing will get 1 set of 130 gear that includes helmet/ body/ footwear/ weapon.

Second Event will be a treasure Hunt in TW realm server time: 9:00pm
In this event i will be listing 5-7 items you need to get me in world chat. You need to get these items and then trade to me "i will state where im at" so please have your bag empty of gold or under 20kg. There is a first place winner, seoncd. and third
First place has a choice between
-40kg/10k source tree leafnode/ or 1k of each mystical imbue orb
Second place has a choice between
- 30kg/6k source tree leafnode/ 500 of each mystical imbue orb
Third place has a choice between
- 20kg/ 3k source tree leafnode/ 1k of a mystical imbue orb/ or 250 of each mystical imbue orb

Third event is a hide and seek event at TW realm server time: 10:00pm
In this event i will be some where in gallio hidden and you need to find me only first 3 people can find me. I will not give a hint but after 10-15 min i will if no one has found me yet.
First Place
-40kg/ or 10k source tree leafnode
Second place
- 30kg/ or 6k source tree leafnode
Third place
-20kg/ or 3k source tree leafnode

I hope you all can join. Prizes are all i can think of and if you guys have better prizes please comment them and ill see if i can have. Thank you for reading my post and GL to all who enter events.
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PostSubject: Re: Power's Event   Power's Event EmptySun Mar 29, 2015 1:18 pm

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Power's Event
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