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 Beginners guide triple aquan or triple ferus affinity fuse pet!

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PostSubject: Beginners guide triple aquan or triple ferus affinity fuse pet!   Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:51 am

Correct me if im wrong, but as far as i know, it is only possible to get triple Aquan and triple Ferus right now. Pyros, Flora and Terra can only get max double line affinity as of now.

Here in EsoLegends, getting a  triple aquan or triple ferus affinity pet is easy!(for this guide i will use a ferus pet)

  • You will need to acquire a pet containing fusion elements as: AQUAN XXXX AQUAN / AQUAN XXX XXX AQUAN OR¬†FERUS XXXX FERUS / FERUS XXX XXX FERUS, just this like example:

  • You can aquire these kind of pets, from Ingot Exchanger Tee in Pokari Solar Temple. She trades them for 15 Ingots each! (note: in this server D11, and many lotto boxes contain lots of Ingots!) For Aquan fuse, you will have to buy the AUGHORN LEGEND pet. For Ferus fuse buy the DEVLIN CHAMPION. (note: dont forget to buy those high level mirrors to check for the pet fusion elements.) If your lucky, you wont need so much ingots, but it may cost you more if your unlucky, since the affinity are random.

  • Once you get the desire pet you needed, all you need is to reroll the 2nd fuse stat line with DOCTRINE OF MERCY. (you can acquire these from the lotto boxes or from Ingot exchanger dollar who is beside Tee in pokari solar temple.

  • Now equip the pet and click on it. Right click on you Doctrine to feed it to the desire pet until you get the desired stat you want!
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Beginners guide triple aquan or triple ferus affinity fuse pet!
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