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 How to get Married!

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How to get Married! Empty
PostSubject: How to get Married!   How to get Married! EmptySun Mar 08, 2015 12:13 am

Getting married in game is a cute and nice feature of ESO. So for those who dont know how here`s a simple guide!

  • Step1: the most important step is to find a suitable and willing partner of the opposite sex ^^. it may sound easy but believe me, its hard! but who knows, maybe you`ll hit the jackpot and find true love ^^...  or if there`s no luck, well you can always marry your alt!

How to get Married! Z10

  • then you will need to get these from Cloud Creek in Pokari Mid.

How to get Married! Z110

  • You must of course have the right  marriage license gender on your  bag.

  • Proceed to Matchmaker in the Royal Garden with your partner. you may bring some friends to celebrate with you or, you can do it solemnly just the two of you!

How to get Married! Z210

How to get Married! Z310

  • Party up with your partner. Both should talk to the matchmaker and take the quest.

How to get Married! Z410

  • finish off the quest... and CONGRATULATIONS! You are now married!

How to get Married! Z510

  • now all that`s left is to keep the marriage alive! If i may add, my husband IRL and I met in ESO, we got married just like this, and even if we were literally half way across the world from each other,love found a way. And now we are once again playing ESO, but this time together, under one roof <3 .So that is one true to life ESO love story for you! who knows maybe you`ll find the one!
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How to get Married!
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