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 Pyromancer / Tempest Job Change Quest Guide

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PostSubject: Pyromancer / Tempest Job Change Quest Guide   Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:34 pm

Here are some nice to know things when doing your Pyromancer / Tempest job change quest!

  • After reaching 75 you can do you job change... ( in this server though, its nicer to get someone to boost you up to 100 so you can wear better gears and not have a hard time during the quest. Dont worry there are many nice people around who would be glad to help you get to 100 its easy!)

  • Now proceed to Pokari East Market and talk to Ziola... Take the CONJURER`S PATH QUEST


  • Now you need to teleport to GALLIO and take the quest from LORD OF THE WELL (he is right underneath Gallio).

  • He will now ask you to find the FERUS ESSENCE. Its located on top of a cliff. (the arrow head on the map below is the exact location of it)

  • Next is the FLORA ESSENCE. You can find on a foot of a tree, a lil bit covered on the leaves.

  • Third one is the AQUAN ESSENCE, which is found in the area with 3 towers.

  • Next is the PYROS ESSENCE, found behind the house looking thingy.

  • Last one is the TERRA ESSENCE, found near Gallio Town.

  • When that is over, go back to LORD OF THE WELL and take the next quest.

  • You will then be asked to kill 300,900 and 1500 mobs which you will find by auto routing on Quest Tab (Q)

  • After all that, you will have to get 500 Dust of Pyros, Terra, Aquan, Flora and Ferus. In Eso Legends we can buy these from cloud creek located in Mid Pokari! When you have all the Dust you will now proceed to Ziola in Pokari East Market. Ziola will then give you a set and a weapon.

  • After getting the gears from Ziola, Talk to him again and Choose to Teleport to Goddess of Mercy.

  • Get your next quest from the Arch Fairy.

  • You will then be given the option to choose between Pyromancer or Tempest. After Choosing which one you like, Take the quest :

  • And you will be teleported here, Where you take you next quest :

  • In this quest you will be asked to obtain ginseng roots from Aurhorn Kobolds which you will find inside the cave in front of the NPC. (note: you are to do this quest 5 times to get 5 Magic stones.

  • Upon obtaining all 5 magic stones you will now go back to Arch Fairy for the next quest!

  • On this quest, you will be asked to kill 50 cyclopean fishmonger which can be found back on the cave you came from. (note: these mobs are so scarce and take long time to respawn. Trick here is to move from one realm to another to finish the quest faster. as i observed there are only 3 mobs which are located just on the outer part of the cave.)

  • when you killed 50 cyclopean fishmonger, deliver quest to Arch Fairy. Take the next quests and poof! your are now done with your job change quest!Congratulations!

  • i hope that this guide will somehow help you in your journey!
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Pyromancer / Tempest Job Change Quest Guide
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