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 Twisted Moon

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Hello, i'll teach you how to do twisted moon and its requirements.
Twisted moon is one of the easiest ways to level up in this server.

First you need to get the Twisted Moon Map, there are two ways of getting it:

Through Mapkeeper Ming (-47,1 Pokari) taking the quest Twisted Moon Rising(you can only take the quest 3 times a day)

Twisted Moon 2JuYlrB

And through Pokari Broker (-138, -36 Pokari) (You can get 5 maps of these maps a day)

Twisted Moon 82zMyp4

Once you have the maps, you need the keys to get the maximum amount of experience on each run. Again there are two ways to get the keys.

At Hydraulic Engineer (66, -74 Pokari)
You need to pick up one according to your level.
If you are level 45-101 pick this one:
Twisted Moon Dy8k2g9
And this if you are level 101-145:
Twisted Moon Zu6FHMM

Get a double exp token if you are going to do the 45-101 level twisted moon, otherwise don't use it because you will get negative experience
Now that you have all the requirements you have to go to Dispatcher Chun (-76, -144) and enter the Twisted Moon according to your level.

For level 45-100 Twisted Moon instance you will need 600 def to get hit by 1
Twisted Moon 6mzQXMt

And for level 101-145 version you will need around 3k def, but you will still get hit by 120
Twisted Moon ZppdHhS

Once you enter the instance you will see a wave of mobs in the center of the map, you need to defeat all the waves to end the instance.
Also, after every 5 waves you will see this:
Twisted Moon ZZ2xMQY
The keys to dig it are inside the pack of keys you bought before, right click it and it will give you the three keys.

If you did the low level twisted moon, then after killing all the mobs you are done, otherwise, if you did the high level twisted moon at the end the instance will drop an item called Gold Leaf.

Twisted Moon STW8Ncn

You can exchange three gold leaves for a Diamond Key, this key is used to enter Twisted Moon Eclipse, a harder version of high level Twisted Moon, in this twisted moon the mobs will spawn over and over until you kill enough, then it'll finish automaticly.
You should use the double exp tokens at twisted moon eclipse.

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Twisted Moon
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