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 Seraph VS Magus: Subclass Skills Guide

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PostSubject: Seraph VS Magus: Subclass Skills Guide   Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:40 am

Hi there! Are you a maven who is torn between choosing to be a Maven or Seraph? yeah believe me i was in that same position! So i thought this guide will hopefully help you choose between the two according to your gaming style and needs

Seraphs in general have more AOE skills than a Magus. But it doesnt matter much on PVE possing as you will mostly only use Red Flame Miasma which is a maven ethyr skill AOE available for both subclasses. So here is the sub classes skills for you to decide on which to choose.






So i hope looking on these skills will help you decide whether you wanna be a Magus or a Seraph!
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Seraph VS Magus: Subclass Skills Guide
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