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 Pyromancer`s Birthday and Nascent Skills Guide

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Pyromancer`s Birthday and Nascent Skills Guide Empty
PostSubject: Pyromancer`s Birthday and Nascent Skills Guide   Pyromancer`s Birthday and Nascent Skills Guide EmptyFri Mar 06, 2015 9:15 am

Here is a birthday suggestion that you might like for a good nascent skills combination for your Pyromancer!

September 16  (which is in my opinion, one of the best choice for this server . the combination of solar flare and dominance is very good both for pve and pvp)

Reduces the cooldown of Return Home by 15 mins. (Passive Skill)(although this skill doesnt matter much in this server since tomes, expresses and other transportation needs are very cheap and accessible)

Increases pyra skill damage by 1%. (Passive Skill).(this is one of the best part about this birthday. Pyromancers are pyros by nature so this passive skill will really come in handy, as affinities in this server can reach up to some thousands!)

Summon a swampy pit at target location. Enemies within 5 yards of the swamp are ensnared for 3 seconds. Swamp persists for 13 seconds.Costs 5 widu dusts.(could be a good skill for pvp, dusts are cheap and readily for sale on cloud creek in this server!)

Resets the cool down for all your skills.Cool Down Time: 30 mins. Cost 10 Pyra Dust.(very useful skill for boss hunting and pvp)

If you think you like the skill combination then feel free to try this birthday! If you picked a different one and want to change it? Grab a ginseng Fruit to change your Birthday and you good to go!I Hope this little guide will help!
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Pyromancer`s Birthday and Nascent Skills Guide
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