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 Nascent Skills / Birthday Guide

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PostSubject: Nascent Skills / Birthday Guide   Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:10 pm

Important things to know about birthday and Nascent Skills

  • Upon character creation, you will be selecting a birthday for your character.This will determine the nascent skills your character will have.

  • Upon reaching levels 10,30,50 and 80, you will automatically be receiving your nascent skills. You can view it on your skill menu by pressing K

  • Every race (Shenzu, Renzu,Yaoh and Mogui) have varied sets of nascent skills combinations. Example a Shenzu birthday of january 1 has different nascent skills as a Renzu with January 1 birthday.

  • Pick the birthday that corresponds to nascent skills that suits your needs,wants or gaming style.

  • Nascent skills may be buffs, debuffs, passive skills, stuns and many more, so choose wisely!

  • If you didnt get to pick out a good birthday and want to change it, you dont have to worry!

this little baby will help you reset your birthday!

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Nascent Skills / Birthday Guide
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