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 Farming spots lvl 100+

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PostSubject: Farming spots lvl 100+   Farming spots lvl 100+ EmptyWed Mar 04, 2015 9:37 pm

Hello, in the following guide i will show some farming spots according to your level and how to access them.

First; Dream Lost World (Lvl 100 - 105)
Dream Lost worlds also known as DLW is for farming spirit, if you are looking to level up faster you can do Twisted Moon

Before entering the area you need Astral Virtue, you can get it by using Astral Charts, they can be bought in Cloud Creek at middle Pokari
Farming spots lvl 100+ 2w3mSkh

Farming spots lvl 100+ ZvKlVI4

Now you need to travel to Dizzet city, you can buy a Dizzet express ticket in Cloud Creek, or use the common teleport. Pokari>Elephunc>Gallio>Judium>Dizzet

Talk to Elder Zeon and ask him to teleport you to Dreamland • Lost Worlds

Farming spots lvl 100+ G4Jsuoc

When you get inside there you will be at the hub, there are some mobs and 2 npc's, Elemental Master Yin and Elemental Master Yang.

Elemental Master Yin sells potions and can teleport you back to Ziminian Domain.

Farming spots lvl 100+ TuBFKkZ

Through Elemental Master Yang you can teleport to the main 3 places of Dreamland Lost Worlds.

Farming spots lvl 100+ AgAs4mz

You can choose between 3 places:

D • Mech Factory (2.5k Def required)

Farming spots lvl 100+ CW8ZQlJ

D • Tiny Town = 2.4k Def required

Farming spots lvl 100+ V5bEA91

D • Dino Park = 2.4k Def required

Farming spots lvl 100+ Jq3r0WS

My favorite is Tiny Town, but if you have a character with large aoe skills like ranger or maven you can farm at Mech Factory too.
Note: Lost worlds is easier than Dreamland Lost worlds but since you can get ds gear for a few silver you'll probably be farming at dreamland lost world.

Leaf Fan Cave (Lvl 100 - 105)
Also known as lfc, is a dungeon for farming gold, you can get huge ammount of gold if you leave your character posessing there for a few days

This place is located at Dizzet region too, and it is a dungeon-like area. You can go there by teleporting to Dizzet (instruction at top) and auto routing to here:

Farming spots lvl 100+ HTkCkwL

Farming spots lvl 100+ Dzx0WER

Farming spots lvl 100+ Gma9xMx

This dungeon requires a lot of defense, you need at least 4,9k def, but i recommend 5k-5,3k i have seen other people using HP gear for this area, but i have never tried it.
Sometimes all the spots will be full and you'll need to browse through realms until you enter one with an open spot.
Also there are 2 main places inside this area:
Ground and platform. Ground is almost always occupied but platform is okay too, you can still get a nice amount of gold there.

Future Finale(Level 105-1??)

In this place you'll  get Source Tree Leafnode, this item is need to make level 130 gear and level 145 geear. you can save up 54k of these for the full level 130 set, or if you need money you can sell them for 2g-3g each.

This place uses the same system of DLW, you need Astral Virtue to stay here, and it will burn your virtue 3x times faster than DLW.
You can access Future Finale using the teleport service of Queen Zonis at Amaz. to get into Amaz using the common teleport go Pokari>Elephunc>Gallio>Amaz

Future Finale or FF is divided in level specific zones, you can teleport to each zone using the teleport service of Wandering Teleport

Farming spots lvl 100+ Ww6E1K0

Personally i suggest you to farm at the bears you see first when you go down the stairs (5.3k defense required) until you get enough int to one-shot or two-shot the monsters at the level 120 zone.

Bear zone:

Farming spots lvl 100+ EeY9Z4T

Level 120 zone:

Farming spots lvl 100+ TNgmK6j

I don't post any spot further this because i haven't achieved it yet.

Finally, if you have troubles finding an specific NPC press M and at the right of the map there is a list of near NPCs, if you click one of them it will auto-route you to it.

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PostSubject: Re: Farming spots lvl 100+   Farming spots lvl 100+ EmptyThu Mar 05, 2015 9:36 am

Nice,  we have our 1st Participant.

Looks good
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Farming spots lvl 100+
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