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 E-Buck and rewarding system

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E-Buck and rewarding system Empty
PostSubject: E-Buck and rewarding system   E-Buck and rewarding system EmptyMon Jan 05, 2015 7:10 am

So hello everyone... I'm on this server not for so long I would say 2 weeks now and what I see really kind of strange is rewarding system. Of course you can vote for the server and the server is on first place and you get E-buck and GM's need to send you that e-bucks... But that is work for us and work for you... and also the whole process is really complicated yes maybe I'm dumb but I was reading guide on forum on how to send screens correctly and... I don't get it. So what I think is that game should be more rewarding and when I say more rewarding I mean that maybe we could get E-bucks from just playing the game... like for example you play one hour you get one e-buck.... let me look in this way... maybe you will vote for our server and you'll get tons of e-bucks but later you'll not play so much. But if you need to play for e-bucks than server would be more full and new players will get more joy out of playing.
The second thing is... exp rate is really high and that is so high that when you leveling up you get really small amount of money so you can not buy ANYTHING from shops... for example I am lvl 64 and I am playing in Fazenda and I really couldn't buy myself any armor or weapon.
The third thing is.... why are you having disabled potions..... if you have enabled other healing substances which gives you much more health or mana and much faster. That makes no sense... I think you should bring potions backs... and if you are not going to listen me about first two things.. listen me about that... because when you are left without potions yes game may became harder but also more impossible and frustrating. So instead of you gave us a whole lot of exp you could bring us back potions.
Thank you for your time.
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E-Buck and rewarding system
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