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 Voting guide

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PostSubject: Voting guide   Voting guide EmptySun Jan 04, 2015 12:55 pm

Hi everyone
I have seen people asking how to vote and/or send ss to cybill and odi in mail.
And i thought maybe i can tell people like this on how I've been doing this from the start.
Hope you guys think its usefull.
I'm gonna make this a step by step guide.
So it might seem long, but when u get the hang of it, you will notice how fast it goes.
Dont forget you have to send this mail only on sunday. Dont be late though.

Lets start;

1.   Open 2 screens in your internet borwser
2.   1st screen you open and on the 2nd screen you open your email.
3.   on the screen with your email open a new mail and write as the receiver;
4.   as subject i always write; ss for eb to ... (the ... has to be your ID name; ID name is the name you use to login)
5.   as for the mail itself i write; Dear odi and cybil here are my ss for the eb my id is ... (write your id again to be sure)
6.   I enter a few times so i can just put my ss there. DONT SEND THE MAIL YET
7.   now switch to the ether saga legend site and look down to the left. You will see Vote there.
8.   When you have clicked Vote you will see 2 pics. Click on the one that says Xtreme top 100.
9.   You will need to do a human verification now. At this moment you just have to click a square to show that you are not a robot.
    (It can vary though, a week ago you had to click the picture that was asked for)
10.  Now is where you make your first ss. you have clicked the square meaning you are human :p
     Press; CTRl and Prnt scrn (ctrl button is normally left below and your Prnt scrn is normally Right Up)
11.  Go back to your mail that you have written and click in it. Now press; CTRL and V.
     You should see your ss now in your mail. DONT SEND IT YET.
12.  Go back to your human verification screen and click; Vote for Ether saga Legend.
13.  You will now see a whole lot of servers. lets make a ss out of that as well.
     So like before tap CTRL and PRNT SCRN (at the same time).
13.1 After you have tapped CTRL and Prnt scrn dont forget to click on ether saga legend to vote
14.  Go back to your mail and paste it in under your other ss. CTRL and V to paste it in there.
15.  Dont forget to say thank you at the bottom of your mail since they are not obligated to give e-bucks away. they are being very nice for doing this!!!!!!
16.  You can send that email.

Well guys you are done. again i know this seems long but im being very detailed here
The reason i let you put in your id twice (subject and mail) is just to be certain.
The reason i make you do 2 ss is again to be certain.

Also you dont have to do this every day of the week. Cybill and Odi are asking this only on Sunday.
So just put in the ss you did on sunday. NOT THE WHOLE WEEK

Hope this helps a bit

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Voting guide
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